What we offer

With mental health at its core, we deliver a practical workshop programme that teaches students about the benefits of using music as a creative outlet.

Participants will also learn to draw the parallels between certain challenges they face in their environment, and the effects on their mental health, so they may build resilience over time rather than succumbing to the pressures of the world.

The group will work together to write a song with their peers and perform their creations to a live audience at the end of the term.

Workshop Topics Covered

★ Mental health ★ Personal identity ★ Pupil career aspirations ★ Awareness of social issues ★ Rhythm ★ Components of a song ★ Lyrical techniques

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Pupil Benefits

★ Improved literacy skills ★ Pupil artistic development ★ Leadership skills ★ Improved public speaking ★ Increased confidence ★ Learning new creative skills ★ Positive peer cohesion ★ Musical mentoring

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★ Each pupil will receive a Certificate of Achievement upon completion of the workshop ★ Opportunity to participate in a concert performance in front the community

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