How we work

Our workshops are customised to suit the age range and experience of each group of students that we’re working with. We offer sessions to students ages 7 and up. 

Half-day session

We facilitate a half-day intensive session, covering a general overview of the concepts with a focus on the students writing a full song together which will be ready to perform by the end of the session. 

4-week programme

The 4-week programme includes four half-day sessions, covering a range of topics and progressing in skill level. This option allows us to maximise the benefits for the pupils and provide an opportunity to practise and demonstrate their newly acquired skills. 

Each student will receive an AQA awarded certificate of achievement upon completion of the workshop.

Our method

Music can help us get into a state
of ‘flow’ and focused attention

Creativity has been shown to
increase positive emotions, improve
anxiety & immune system function

Music releases dopamine and
stimulation of endorphins, and
improves executive function

Music can help us cope with
stressful feelings, and calm our
nervous systems

Different frequencies can evoke
different emotions and energy states

Creating art as a group enhances social
bonding and connection, one of the key
components of good mental health

Developing and practicing skills
creates new neural pathways in the
brain, which leads to growth in all

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