Music Changes Moods is a charity dedicated to sharing the power and joy of music and songwriting with youth, as both a tool to manage their emotions as well as to express their creativity.

We believe that building a solid foundation strengthening mental and emotional health leads to a more positive and successful life path.

We facilitate custom workshops to classrooms that cover the songwriting process, emotional regulation, and how the two are connected.

Each year, we host a showcase event for the participants to share their talents, advancing their skills in teamwork and self confidence.

Our Founder

Music Changes Moods is founded and chaired by Dean Blair, aka MC Fizzy of Genius Cru.

MC Fizzy has seen the benefits of this programme firsthand, first within his own life, and later in the first cohorts of the workshop.

"I started Music Changes Moods with an aim at empowering children and young people, not only in their school lives but also in their external social activities. I believe very strongly in the medium of creative expression, and it's really rewarding to witness the pupils and participants in my classes gain confidence and new skills." ~ Dean Blair, Chair

Our Mission

To equip young people with a variety of tools to elevate and regulate their emotions, specifically through the use of of music, songwriting and creative expression.

Our Vision

A UK made up of creative artists and entrepreneurs that have access to fulfilling career paths, financial stability, and who prioritize their mental health.