Whilst working with various Capital London school children the BBC produced a news piece which aired on a prime-time BBC News slot. The Mayor of Brent was our special guest at one of the children’s performances, which she thoroughly enjoyed.

This gave the schools involved an opportunity to be a part of the 2012 Olympic build up.

“During the first part of 2012, MC Fizzy collaborated with our school and a group of 50 children.
He worked alongside our music teacher to build the confidence and the aspirations of our children.
He raised the profile of the Olympics, team work, peer support, reaching goals and achieving your best.
Thanks to projects like MC Fizzy’s, the children of Pakeman Primary School are still on an upwards journey to develop their ambitions, their speaking and listening and their confidence.

Thank you for the work you accomplished with Pakeman children.”

~ Emma Bonnin, Pakeman Primary School

“My group of students loved working with Music Changes Moods. The confidence they gained by the end of the session was remarkable. We plan to offer the workshops on a regular basis for our youth to take part in and continue developing their skills.”

~ Shaun Sutar, Youth Worker, The New Generation Youth and Community Centre